• Wajeez Law Firm and Legal Consultations was established in Madina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in year 2021. Since then, our company and all specialized lawyers within the firm have been striving to enhance its reputation and highlight its name as one of the leading law firms in Madina in particular, and in the Kingdom in general.
  • We have followed a specific approach in providing legal services by ensuring integrity, objectivity, and taking any necessary legal actions or providing legal advice that helps clients regain their rights and achieve their interests as guaranteed by the law andaffirmed by the regulations.
  • Moreover, we have been able to gain the trust of our clients by placing the client at the center of the case and clarifying all procedures for them. This is done in order to provide them with an objective understanding of the legal issue and to familiarize them with the course of action from its inception, starting with the drafting of the lawsuit petition to the issuance of the judgment. We always prioritize the client's opinion and provide them with the opportunity to evaluate all the services provided to them with utmost credibility and transparency.
  • we also offer our clients free legal consultations around the clock through our dedicated communication channels. We provide legal advice, clarify all available options, and guide them towards the best possible solution.
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